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Represent your team while playing the American pastime with custom baseball jerseys and uniforms. Baseball is synonymous with summer days in the same way as barbecues, days at the pool, and sunscreen are.  They captivate fans and players alike, and sometimes there is nothing better than an afternoon at the diamond, playing nine innings of what many consider the greatest sport there is.  If you are lucky enough to play the game, then you know the pride you take in putting on your uniform and representing the camaraderie that comes with building a good team.

This is why Team Pride Wear takes pride in the custom jerseys and uniforms we make: custom baseball jerseys and uniform that have professional grade quality, built for sliding into bases or diving for that fly-ball to deep left field.  Our dye sublimation process makes sure that your logos and graphics designs stay intact play after play, as well as the cleanings to get them looking like new after every game.

Dye Sublimation

Dye sublimation is a way of printing that uses heat and pressure to dye the fabric of the clothing.  Ink is transferred directly to the fiber of the material at a molecular level, instantly becoming color-fast and remaining vibrant wear after wear.   Not only is this process extremely versatile in what kinds of materials you can use, it also allows for complete made to order customization.  Plus, the print will never crack, scratch, or peel off.